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It is a masterpiece of comprehensive dental hospital focusing from worldwide, with 600 patients per day, largest dental hospital in Korea, and brand power number 1. We provide most comfortable environments for high quality dental treatment including one-stop service, luxury interior design, and dignified service.

Departments of Diagnoses and Treatments

1. Oral and Mandibulofacial Surgery

Reconstruct damaged jaw and facial regions causing by illness or congenital deformity, improving a quality of living.

2. Department of Correction

Make an arrangement of teeth to be aligned along the shape of a face, to correct the shape of a mouth, and make it better able to eat at the same time.

3. Department of Prosthesis

Recover and maintain a patient’s oral function, comfort, external appearance, and health by supplementing lost tooth and its surroundings with artificial substitute.

4. Department of Preservation

Preserve a decayed or ruptured tooth as far as possible not by extracting it but by treating the inflammation that occurs in the tooth and nerve.

5. Oral Internal Medicine

We take in charge of diagnosis and treatment for preservation as far as reasonable to the diseases that occur in oral and facial regions including teeth, oral membranes, and jaw joints.

6. Department of Infant Dentistry

Children have the right to take a dental treatment with careful consideration as like as adults. We think to make an endeavor to comprehend child’s thought and feeling prior to a treatment through sufficient conversation while respecting child as a single person.

7. Department of Periodontics

Treat the diseases that occur on the tissues surrounding of teeth, such as gingival disease and the like.

Specialized Centers :

Jaw and Face Center, Implant Center, Correction Center, Tooth Decay Treatment Center, Prosthesis Center, Jaw Joint Center, and Scaling Center.

Mandibulofacial Correction Surgical Operation

Recover a facial beauty and improve pronunciation and conversation by improving the disharmony of facial deformities such as projected lip, square chin, facial asymmetry, extrusion, facial deformity after accident, and congenital facial deformity.


Implants is the treatment method to make a tooth from the head to the base as like as natural one in the region where the tooth was missed. We are very trusted from our patients.


This is the first step in the treatment of tooth disease to clean tooth surface by using an ultrasonic equipment and to remove wastes and tartar from the surface of teeth that causes tooth decay and gum disease.


laminate surgery is executed for bad arrangement of teeth or disharmony of colors and shapes to correct the teeth naturally so that it will make a smooth and mild impression of the face.

Tooth Whitening

It makes a discolored tooth to be whitened, giving a present of more bright smile for those who are going to in marriage or employment.


Since the chewing surface of grinding tooth is inserted with food and plague easily that cannot be removed by brushing, putting in dental plastic material in the region reduces a tooth decay in prior. The surgery is for children from 5 to15 years of age.

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